Never Grow Up Vintage Motel Keytags


Remember before all the swipey cards and retina scanners and keyless-entry hullabaloo, when hotels had actual keys with actual keytags? Remember watching the hotel clerk take your key off of a hook on the wall with dozens of others just like it and hand it to you like the precious gift that it was?

Well, we found a company that still makes those old-fashioned key tags (here in the USA!), and we had a bunch made up that say "Never Grow Up" on them. But we didn't stop there. Just like the old-timey keytags, these have room numbers on them, and each is one of a kind.

So not only is each keytag a reminder to embrace your whimsy, chase your dreams, and never grow up... it's also a reminder that there are others like you out there, chasing their own dreams, living their own stories, and unlocking their own doors (or kicking them down). It's a reminder that while your number is unique (we're only making one of each number, ever), and your journey is unique... you are not alone.

Made of black plastic in the US of A. Manufactured on a big old machine with actual movable type that actually presses the numbers into the plastic. Each one has its own unique inconsistencies and flaws due to the manufacturing process. Just like you and me. :)